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A collection of icons depicting people in an avatar-like style, People Toolbar Icons will enhance
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26 March 2013

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Most software publishers and web design teams often have to spend an inordinate amount of time in creating icons needed in their applications. A significant section of such icons tend to involve people or representations of business activity that involves people. Now imagine an elegant icon collection that saves valuable time of your graphics team so that they can focus on creating better interfaces than remain occupied in churning out icons. Well are talking about the People Toolbar Icons 2013.1 collection which encompasses an enviable collection of classy icons that can add finesse to any interface.

From a view point of a design team, the People Toolbar Icons 2013.1 set is a fascinating collection as it has both simple icons representative of people along with complex software actions like say “Change Users”. The collection also stands out for the fact that it is geared towards creating toolbars which very other icon sets tend to focus on. The icons are available in different sizes starting from 16x16 and available in multiple file formats. Again you can quickly notice that it has representative icons which can be used to depict different types of people plus it also have icons showcasing varied social status such as one relating to boss and one for retirees. It also contains rather elegantly drawn icons that depict business roles such as one for marketer while you can spot a network engineer too. It also loads in on humor with icons for angel and death too getting a place in the collection besides the peculiar ones like pirate and spy.

After checking out the People Toolbar Icons 2013.1 collection in detail we look to mark it with a score of 3 rating points owing to its overall aesthetic designs and coverage. The icon set is likely to find many takers owing to its interesting mix of designs.

Publisher's description

A collection of icons depicting people in a characteristic avatar-like style, People Toolbar Icons will enhance any chat or instant messenger, or will make a perfect skin to a blog or forum. People Toolbar Icons depict people of different backgrounds, social and racial origins. Software developers and bloggers, as well as owners of chats and forums will benefit from using Perfect People Icons by offering their users a slick looking communication environment.

People Tollbar Icons share common style and gamma, making your software or Web site look professional. The icons are designed to look clearly legible both online and in your software. The pack of People Toolbar Icons includes images of all sizes of 16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32, and 48x48 pixels.

The pack depicts people of various backgrounds, social and racial origins. Every visitor or user of your software will be able to choose a matching avatar with no doubt. There are Man and Woman, Family, Child and Baby icons for starters, and a variety of icons describing nationality such as Arab, Afro-American, American Indian, and Mexican. Various icons are available that depict people of various social status such as Retiree, Agent, and Customers, Boss and Staff, Client and Conference, and many more icons showing various business activities, including the obligatory Coffee Break icon. There are even Devil and Angel icons to assign to network administrators! And just for reminders, there are Spy, Thief and Prisoner icons.

People Toolbar Icons come in normal, disabled, and highlighted styles, and are supplied in 256 colors and 32-bit True Color. All icons are available in Windows Icon (ICO), Bitmap (BMP), GIF, and PNG formats.
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People Toolbar Icons
People Toolbar Icons
Version 2013
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